Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eat Before You Work!

Hey all, sorry for the late post this week, had a crazy weekend. The topic of the week is FOOD. I have decided to post on the importance of eating! In the last few days I have heard a couple of comments on the subject of eating after your work out rather than before, or not having breakfast till after your work out, etc. I feel these are probably some pretty widespread and common misconceptions, so lets clear the air!

First and foremost, breakfast is very important! In fact, it really is the most important meal of the day! When you go to sleep at night, your body goes into fasting/hibernation mode as it is essentially starving for 6 to 8 hours while you sleep. So, when you wake up the first thing you need to do is feed your body! This will jump start your metabolism and pull you out of hibernation mode. You really need to eat about half an hour after getting up. If you're lazy and like to sleep in till the last possible minute, like me, this can be very difficult to manage, but it is extremely important that you eat! You cannot get into shape or lose weight permanently if you don't eat regularly.

When you eat, the less processed food you are eating the better. Eggs make a great breakfast item. Scrambled or omelets are a great way to have your eggs and spice them up by tossing in some turkey, spinach, mushrooms, low fat cheese, etc. I have been leaning towards fat free Greek yogurt with fruit, oatmeal and nuts mixed in as thats a little on the faster side. Either way, be sure you eat!

*A side note: Working out in the morning is optimal, as it helps wake you up and gets your metabolism going for the day. Also, if you work out in the morning, then its out of the way and you have the rest of the day for work and play. If you cannot work out in the morning, working out in the early evening is better. The closer to bedtime you work out, the worse it is. Sometimes, it is unavoidable, but work out earlier in the day if you can.

Breakfast is important, even if you're unable to work out in the mornings. Eating at the very least half an hour before your work out is equally important. Not just that, but eating the right thing is key.

Before you work out, be sure you consume complex carbs. Complex carbs include wheat bread, brown rice, other whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits. If you do not eat, especially complex carbs, before your workout you will not have enough energy to make it through your workout.

After you work out, be sure to consume a protein and a simple carb. This will rush the protein to your muscles. You should not be consuming simple carbs any other times. (or at least keep them to a minimum.)

So, best thing to keep in mind this week, and beyond: Eat and be happy and healthy!

Have a good week everyone.

~Samurai Girl Sahara

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