Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do It Till You Vomit!

Ok, not really. No one really wants to work out till they vomit. But I thought I'd make a quick mid week post in lieu of my work out this evening in which I DID almost do it till I vomited!

When you start training, it is pretty normal to feel horrible, out of breath, tired, weak, sick, nauseous, etc. I know the first time I trained with my trainer, I felt like I was going to puke, it was horrible. But, I went back for more! The trick is not to give up, the feeling will eventually go away as you get into better shape.


Sometimes, when you're working out really hard, you can push yourself so hard you can feel sick. In my case, it seems every time I do a particular exercise, High Knees, I feel like I'm gonna barf. Feeling exhausted, sore, sweaty, tired, these are all pretty typical when you're working out really hard, at least in my experience.

Pushing yourself till you really can't go anymore is fine, but at the same time be sure to listen to your body. My trainer told me what to do if you get sick today, because I definitely almost hurled!

If you really feel like you're going to hurl, then stop and walk it off. The worst thing you can do if you feel like you're going to barf is sit down because then it settles in your stomach and when you get back up and start to work out again you'll feel even worse.

If you are dizzy or light headed, then you need to sit down and take slow deep breathes. Breath slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. To help control your exhale, you can make your lips into an O shape, kind of like you're puckering up to give a big smooch, and breath out through your lips.

To be honest, I felt pretty silly today, having to stop and walk through a gym full of people into the cardio room to get on a tread mill and walk a little bit because I thought I was going to puke. But my trainer assured me, this happens to a lot of people. She said she's even thrown up before. Do not be embarrassed! You're just pushing yourself to epic awesomeness! But on your way to epic awesome bad ass-ness, take time to take care of your body. No one really WANTS to throw up, so if you really feel like you're gonna puke, go walk for a few minutes till the feeling goes away, it shouldn't take long. If you're dizzy and light headed, sit down for a bit, drink some water and take some deep breaths.

Finally, to help prevent feeling sick, weak and tired during your workout, remember: Consume those complex carbs within an hour before you work out! Between an hour to half an hour before is best. That will help provide you with the energy needed to make it through.

Have a great week, no barfing! ^.~

~Samurai Girl Sahara

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