Friday, August 12, 2011


And now for something completely different:

Don't worry, spiders
I keep house

~ Kobayashi Issa

O snail
Climb Mt. Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!

~Kobayashi Issa

Old pond
Frog jumps in
The sound of water

~Matsuo Basho

Fleas, lice
A horse pissing
By my pillow

~Matsuo Basho

A long hard journey
Rain beating down the clover
Like a wander's feet

~ Yosa Buson

The sparrow singing
its small mouth

~Yosa Buson


  1. Beauty in motion
    Baby takes first steps
    Walking down the aisle

    Raking the leaves.
    Imposing an order,
    Leaves or me?

    Having cut the lawn,
    A cold beer beckons to me.
    Watching. Drinking. Rain.

    Basking in sunlight
    waking gently, a blossom
    shakes off the dew.

    Empty parking lot,
    Autumn has chilled the air.
    Single leaf blows by.

    Bassho's frog went plop!
    and never heard from again.
    A snapping turtle

    Geese alight on pond
    Confusion of Wings and Waves
    A sudden stillness

    Silvery moonlight
    Casts reflections. Quiet lake
    Makes no effort.

    Quarter moon smiling
    Down like Cheshire Cat, songs
    Crickets sing at campfires.

    Scattered leaves
    Blow across the parking lot.
    Arrival of autumn.

    I arrive at work
    Darkness still blankets me.
    Winter is coming.

    I look up: dark cloud.
    Hear cranes cry over my field
    Under autumn's spell.

    Cold wind blows bare trees.
    The leaves are all raked.
    Snowflakes dancing.

    Traveling geese
    Without gravity burden
    Specks against the sky

    and a few in Japanese...

    Samui fuyu
    Shiroi meigetsu

    Cold winter
    White full moon
    Brightness of snow

    Natsu no yuu.
    Ashita no gozen wa

    Summer evening.
    As for tomorrow morning,
    I don’t know.

    Meigetsu wa
    Tsuranuku mado de

    The full moon
    Through an open window
    Pours in.

    - Me

  2. Nice Rick.
    Sahara feeling less stressy?

    I hope,

  3. Actually, not at all... I still have no job and limited to funds on which to sustain myself, so I'm a little apprehensive, but I was right, reading some Haiku did help me feel better. ^.^

  4. I'd look into security. They're usually hiring, might not be what your looking for, but should tied you over till you fined something more your style.
    On the other hand, a good night job might actually work out for you. It will free up your mornings & evenings; one for sleeping the other for training.

    My 2 cents,

  5. Back in the day, I worked in security during the midnight shift at a Detroit hotel. That schedule afforded me the opportunity to attend every class taught by Kushida Sensei (9 per week) as well as every class taught at one of the satellite dojo (4 per week).

  6. Do you suppose someone will hire a 5'0" and 23 year old female to work security for them? I'll give it a shot for sure, but I doubt I'll get much consideration there. Lol, Thanks for the advice though! Its always welcome. :]

  7. What most security is looking for is some to show up on time and wonder around buildings checking doors and making sure the place doesn't burn down.
    Also, not all security is the lone nightman. Some places/sites work with teams lobby/desk and patrol, maybe set in a control room monitoring cameras. It just depends on what they're looking for.

    Just some FYI,

  8. Ps. Not sure what the rules are in Oklahoma, but in TX you have to work thru a licensed security company. I'd google security+company+'your city name here' and see if any are excepting aps.

    Just somemore info you probably already figured out on your own.