Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kata Practice

Sensei Nick is out of the country currently. I am able to attend the biweekly Aikijutsu classes as he has a senior student to teach them. However, since he was mostly teaching kids (as I understand it) there is no one work on Shotokan Karate with while he is out of the country. Well, I take that back. Some of his friends are experienced Martial Artists and could work with me on this, we just haven't been able to set up a time to actually get together and work on anything yet. But there are no actual classes that anyone is teaching at the moment.

Alas. Much sadness abounds when your instructor is out of the country. 

However, Sensei Nick DID give me Heian Nidan to work on while he is away since kata is something I can practice on my own. We haven't gone over ALL the bunkai yet, but I do have the whole form down and I am supposed to be doing the form at least 10 times EVERY DAY.

I am ashamed to admit I have slacked off a little bit. Which is particularly sad as kata is something I desperately want to excel at. I've had a few projects I'm trying to finish up for cash and I'm still trying to nail down a job. But I am always thinking about it in my head, and I know I should be practicing more. 

I ready Felica's blog post today and she had a link to another post she had written about a specific kata practice technique. It's a good post, give it a read. Go on. You know you want to.

Honestly, its not that I wasn't motivated before, but it just helps renforce, I NEED to be practicing! Only through lots of practice and hard work can I become the martial artist I want to be.

To myself I say "Self! MAKE TIME! No excuses! Get up and practice your kata!"

To all you I say "All you! Go practice your forms!" or if Martial Arts isn't your thing practice whatever it is that YOU want to excel at. Only through devotion of time to your art (be it drawing, writing, singing, cooking, miniatures, whatever) can you obtain the level of competence and proficiency that you want to achieve. Even if its a few minutes a day, spend some time every day doing what you love. After a while, that cumulative time blossoms into real skill, understanding, and mastery. 

To Felica I say "Thank you!"

Have a good week all, practice practice practice! ^.~

~Samurai Girl Sahara


  1. just to add to a good point even after you have worked and worked on kata you will always find something new out about or just find a point in the kata to focus on and work it will make something you can get burnt out on fun again.

  2. Off topic.

    Thanks for the info & link.


  3. Self discipline is remembering what you want to do. You have all the time and resources to do what you want to do. Adversity serves as a filter to distinguish between what you really want to do and what you only think you want to do.

  4. Aww...thanks for the mention, SGS! Feeling all warm and gushy inside now :-)

    Funny, as I have a tourney coming up, I've been using the drill to prepare. Only did it five times this morning, but your post has guilted me into doing it the five more times I'm supposed to - so I guess I owe you another thanks :-)

    Now you reading this: go work your forms! (and have fun with Heian Nidan, SGS)...

  5. Knobs81 - Very true, I'm excited to start working on Bunkai.

    Josh - Anytime, you're welcome.

    Rick - VERY TRUE. When it comes down to it, how many times do people sit on facebook or other related things instead of doing what they really want to do? Time management and dedication for the win.

    Felicia - Haaahahah! Awesome! I've been drawing and doing my kata thanks to you. I did kata in the park last night and I'm going to be sure to do it many times today. (10 at least... I need to play catch up for slacking off these last couple weeks)